Tencel by the meter - organic fabrics

Merino wool & TENCEL™ (lyocell)

The sustainable textile revolution: Complete circular economy, currently the most sustainable fiber on the market - fabric made from wood 🪵

  • My own wool jersey made from a noble mix of 60% merino wool (organic kbT) and 40% Tencel ( 100% organic, bluesign certified) from Austria. Guaranteed mulesing free (anti-mulesing).
  • Tencel combines many advantages of other types of fabrics - it is 🪶 fine like silk, strong like synthetic fibers, cool and comfortable like linen and silk and a perfect complement to our (mulesing-free) merino wool. Wool & Tencel are a strong team: 🦸& 🦸🏻‍♂️.
  • We offer our Glückskind mixture of merino wool and Tencel for you to process yourself / DIY by the meter and also ready-made garments like our #1 audience favorite: the women's tank top made of wool/Tencel , or accessories such as hats, headbands, loops .
  • Our material is completely biodegradable ♻️: If something really breaks completely, you can simply bury it in your vegetable patch or add it to the balcony tomatoes for the next season - a wonderful fertilizer!

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