7 reasons for Glückskind

Glückskind baby clothing baby fashion gots organic Salzburg wool body wrap body wool silk

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is particularly important to us, which is why we determine and control our supply chain completely ourselves: from our exquisite yarns to handmade garments! Made in Lithuania and Salzburg! We are particularly pleased about the collaboration with the protected workshops in Salzburg!

2. Origin

Glückskind follows strict origin controls: yarns, dyeing and printing are certified according to the highest GOTS organic standards - ecologically and ethically a joy. We only use extra-fine merino wool - of course anti-mulesing, so that the sheep are happy too!

3. Premium quality

We value high-quality premium quality - and have gone through a long process to select the finest materials (merino wool, silk, Tencel) for your baby - no more low-quality cotton and polyester!

5. Practically Convenient

Glückskind baby clothing is extra practical and super comfortable, with long-tested and tested cuts that grow with you - so your baby can enjoy it for longer! Freedom from rompers guaranteed =) and even cloth diapers and spreader pants fit underneath!

4. Design with heart

Individual and colorful clothing is fun - our self-defined colors are suitable for boys and girls alike and we designed our creative motifs with a lot of love in Salzburg.

6. Skin friendly

The material composition of our products is particularly skin-friendly
– Merino wool and mulberry silk are air-conditioning in warm temperatures and warming when it gets cold. This means our clothing is perfect for all year round. In addition, our fabrics (unlike cotton) offer naturally high UV protection.

7. Functional

Our fabrics are particularly quick-drying and odorless even after being worn several times - wool and silk are self-cleaning fibers and need to be washed less often than cotton - better for our environment. Our Glückskind collection is also super easy to care for and washable at 30 degrees!

Glückskind baby clothing baby fashion gots organic Salzburg wool body wrap body wool silk