Why Glückskind Premium fabrics?

Merino wool with mulberry silk or Tencel® - a dream for sensitive baby skin

The future belongs to this quality!

Many people still associate wool with scratchy properties and tedious care. Thanks to the most modern yet organic manufacturing processes, our merino wool is pleasantly soft - ideal for babies' sensitive skin - from day one.


When it comes to silk , however, many people think of unaffordable luxury and exclusive evening wear from French designers. However, silk is perfect for everyday use. Silk is a protein fiber and the most skin-like natural fiber of all. It is the strongest known natural fiber in the world. It also gives a particularly soft feel and offers valuable skin properties: silk has a cooling effect, has an optimal neutral PH value and has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect!

Wow! It actually sounds brilliant... but it certainly means extensive care and hand washing, right?

No! Our Glückskind fashion is particularly easy to care for and can be washed at 30 degrees on the delicates program! How it works? Only in the last few years have there been innovative, completely ecological and sustainable treatment methods that gently strengthen the yarns! So far, however, this has only been available in a few niches and premium segments, such as functional clothing for top athletes.


As proof, we only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified yarns, dyeing and printing. This is the highest award for top organic quality and ethical and social compatibility. This ensures fair wages and working conditions! Our wool is of course guaranteed to be mulesing-free.

Yes, great! But what does that mean for your baby?

The right mix of fine merino wool with high-quality mulberry silk results in an optimal wearing result - heat and moisture are ideally regulated so that your baby is neither too cold nor too warm.

Every mother knows it when the baby wakes up sweaty after a nap or the first attempts to drink go wrong. Cotton doesn't dry for ages and the damp material puts the baby at risk of catching a cold.

In our Glückskind baby clothes, the baby doesn't sweat and if the fabric gets wet, it dries in no time.

Our baby (now toddler) has been wearing Glückskind bodysuits day in and day out, in all weathers and at night, for over a year - once you've tested them, you don't want to miss out on this incomparable quality!

Glückskind baby clothing baby fashion gots organic Salzburg wool body wrap body wool silk

Glückskind Baby Clothing Salzburg Wool Tencel Bio Wool Organic Orange Fabric Happy Soft
6 0% extra-fine merino wool refined with 40% Tencel®
This is a quality that has never existed before - an absolute dream!
Our fabrics are 100% organic - certified according to the strictest ecological and social criteria. Guaranteed by the Bluesign certificate .
Merino wool:
  • Our merino wool is guaranteed to be mulesing- free - so the sheep are happy too.
  • Merino wool warms when it is cold and cools when it is warm
  • Extra-fine merino wool is delicately soft and much more comfortable and tolerable for sensitive baby skin than cotton
  • Naturally high UV protection compared to cotton
  • Tencel® is a Lyocell fiber invented by Lenzing in Austria
  • Tencel® is of botanical origin , 100% natural from the raw material wood
  • Tencel® is gentler than silk and more absorbent than cotton
  • Thanks to the unique closed manufacturing process, Tencel® is a fiber of the future and was awarded the " European Award for the Environment ".

Glückskind Baby Fashion Wool Silk Tencel Lenzing Lyocell Bio Organic Body

Our GLÜCKSKIND premium fabrics are simply much better than cotton...

Here are a few facts about the all-dominating cotton industry:

  • Cotton is the second largest chemical consumer after oil & gas (5-10x higher use of fertilizer and pesticides/herbicides than other agricultural goods - can be found here or here or here )
  • On average, 10,000 and 17,000 liters of water are used for 1 kilo of cotton - in very dry areas up to 29,000 liters for 1 kg of cotton .
  • Growing organic cotton uses even more water because there are no chemicals involved.
  • Children are still the cotton pickers in many countries
  • Cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge and doesn't dry for a long time - so your baby can easily catch a cold and feel unwell

Glückskind baby clothing baby fashion gots organic Salzburg wool body wrap body wool silk