Merino wool & silk bodies & wrap bodies

Own fabric development made from 70% extra-fine merino wool refined with 30% mulberry silk | Cuddly soft, not too warm or too cold, perfectly air-conditioning, practical and easy to care for.

I'm Agnes, mom of 3 lucky children and do my best to make super-great quality affordable and at the same time work 100% sustainably, fairly and regionally.

“Glückskind” offers the perfect baby bodies made of merino wool and silk from the first day of birth. Our wrap bodies are incredibly soft and gentle and also very breathable, making them particularly suitable for sensitive baby skin.

We know that babies up to 2 years old have particularly sensitive skin, so we only offer long sleeve bodysuits to ensure optimal skin care.

Our baby bodysuits are made from high-quality natural organic materials that are known for their temperature-balancing properties. Merino wool and silk keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer, and our fabric is so soft and delicate that it is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

Another advantage of our baby bodysuits is that they are breathable and babies sweat much less than with other clothing. Many of our customers report that their babies can wear our bodysuits for several days (and nights) even in summer without having to change them. This not only saves time and stress, but also gives you the peace of mind that your baby is always comfortable and protected.

Our baby bodysuits (like everything from Glückskind) are not only ultra-comfortable but also environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured.

You will love it!

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