Care instructions

I am a premium product!
The heart of Glückskind is ours
specially developed premium materials :
Superfine merino wool, soft mulberry silk
and the innovative Tencel from Austria

These care instructions will help you enjoy your Glückskind product for a long time:

How do you wash properly?

Wool requires proper care. Glückskind clothing does not need to be washed constantly because our natural fiber has a self-cleaning effect . We recommend simply letting the clothing air out in the fresh air. This allows the material to recover and fully develop its properties during use.

This protects the environment, protects the skin and saves time!

  • Incorrect hand washing can damage wool products, especially using water that is too hot or kneading and wringing too hard.
  • We recommend washing in the washing machine on the wool or hand wash cycle at 30 degrees with a high-quality wool or delicate detergent . This contains lanolin (wool fat), the natural wool care substance.
  • The items of clothing are inside out
  • Do not overfill the washing drum and wash with similar colors and textiles
  • Strong stains can be carefully pre-treated with gall soap .

light & airy air-conditioning quick-drying organic & fair

  • A tip: Small holes should be patched immediately, otherwise runs can form. It's even easier with gluing. Our 100% organic textile glue from For Schur is the perfect helper, especially for wool and wool blends!

  • You can find out how pilling occurs and why it’s not a bad thing here .

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Glückskind Care Instructions Merino Wool Solle-Silk Lanolin

Glückskind baby clothing wool silk gots organic Salzburg wool body wrap body wool silk

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