What is pilling?

Pilling is the formation of nodules on the surface of textiles that occurs when individual fibers are separated from the fabric. As a result of scrubbing and rubbing, these loosened fibers form small balls that stick to the surface.

Pilling is generally described as a natural property of wool that does not represent a significant reduction in quality or a defect. Pilling is more of an indication of natural wool .

Origin and cause

The tendency to form pills depends on the fiber length and the finish of the fabric:

The fiber length and mix determine how tightly the yarn can be twisted. The tighter the yarn can be twisted, the lower the risk of pilling later. Merino wool is one of the staple yarns that, in contrast to fibers with unlimited length, naturally have a limited length. Because of this limited length, staple yarns are more likely to separate from the fabric and form knots on the surface.

In order to give wool properties that it does not have naturally, the yarn or fabric is often chemically treated.

Since our Glückskind products meet the highest biological standards, we do not use these chemical processes - out of love for babies' delicate skin. Our yarns, fabrics, colors and prints carry the GOTS certificate.

Mixing it with nylon or other synthetic fibers can also reduce pilling - but with Glückskind we want to rely entirely on nature.

Our merino wool is treated with the Naturetexx Plasma process to reduce pilling and make the fabrics machine washable. This innovative process is GOTS and bluesign compliant and no chemicals are used.

Merino wool is particularly fine and soft and therefore tends to tear more easily than thicker fibers. One measure to avoid this would be to spin the fibers harder (with more revolutions per meter). With the measure of spinning the fibers harder, these tears could be avoided, but the clothing would be stiffer and denser overall - not a compromise that would be in the spirit of airy, comfortable and soft wool clothing.

Regarding the care of wool laundry, it should be noted that pilling is generally not increased by washing, it only becomes more noticeable when washing with other types of fabrics and colors.

Preventative measures against pilling

Wool requires proper care. Please read our care instructions .

Untreated natural products are subject to normal fluctuations.

For Glückskind, the properties of special skin compatibility, wearing comfort and moisture transport take priority over optical imperfections such as pilling.