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🌱 Best 100% organic natural fabrics made from Merino wool • Silk • Tencel


Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Glückskind 100% organic eco kbA kbT baby clothing children's fashion merino wool silk premium individual hip sustainable soft body wool body summer uv sun protection uv50+ tencel

We are young parents from Salzburg and were increasingly frustrated when it came to finding the right clothes for our beloved baby:

  • Clothing must be comfortable to wear and comfortable . It is also intended to optimally protect sensitive baby skin from day one.
  • The clothing should be sustainable , organic and socially acceptable
  • Clothing should be colorful , with cheerful and individual motifs and beautiful colors

What have we found? Nothing .

At least nothing that sufficiently meets these basic criteria. Amazed by the lack of quality, boring mass-produced designs and looking for alternatives to mediocre cotton , we decided to solve this problem ourselves - with Glückskind.

Glückskind offers your baby:

    1. Extremely comfortable to wear - we only use the best materials on the market: superfine merino wool and the finest mulberry silk , absolutely skin-friendly right from birth - only the best for your baby !

    2. All of our yarns and fabrics carry the Oeko-Tex Class 1 certificate and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard ) certificate, which, in addition to the organic seal, also guarantees the social compatibility of the entire supply chain!

    3. We design our collection entirely on our own and with a lot of love in Salzburg - Glückskind fashion is an individual eye-catcher!

    With Glückskind we show that you can offer incomparable premium quality at an attractive price!

    Support us on our journey and let yourself be inspired by our Glückskind collection! You are welcome to write to us here .

    Your lucky child team

    Glückskind Logo Premium Baby Clothing

    Unparalleled fabric quality

    💬 Agnes Leitner | Glückskind founder & power mom of 3 Glückschildren

    "I founded Glückskind in 2015 because I simply wanted the best quality fabric for my baby's delicate skin. 100% organic, fair, regional, sustainable - without compromise and still affordable.
    I wanted that for myself and I wish that for you too!
    Only the best for your lucky child!"

    🫶 The Glückskind quality promise

    Glückskind stands for uncompromising quality. Completely skin-friendly, high UV protection, breathable, air-conditioning - indescribably comfortable.
    Glückskind clothing is perfect for all year round, summer and winter. Indoors and outdoors day & night.
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