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🌱 Best 100% organic natural fabrics made from Merino wool • Silk • Tencel


Merino wool: nature's miracle fiber - Glückskind by Agnes Leitner


I am convinced that good quality must be affordable, because " less is more " is more difficult than ever, especially in our uncertain times with COVID, the Ukraine crisis and the climate catastrophe!
This is precisely why it is so important that we pay attention to good clothing. My specially developed fabrics are always 100% natural fibers and guaranteed plastic-free and cotton-free. My favorite fabrics are my composition of 70% merino wool & 30% mulberry silk as well as the bluesign-certified mixture of 60% merino wool (super-fine, but never super-wash) and 40% Tencel from Lenzig made from ecological wood fiber and a complete cycle -Business.
glückskind air-conditioning wool-silk-merino-organic-gots-eco-sustainable-wool-sheep's wool-new wool-moisture-regulating

Merino wool is the finest virgin wool from Merino sheep (mine comes from South America and is therefore always mulesing-free, in contrast to Merino wool from Australia or New Zealand like the big fashion labels use). Merino cools in summer (really!) and warms in winter. The unique fiber structure of Merino wool allows air to circulate much better than, for example, "dense" cotton fabric. The result is that my summer caps, for example, have received thousands of feedback like:

" This is the only one that stays upside down with my baby! ".
Glückskind merino wool silk clothing baby clothing children's clothing clothing small sustainable fashion label individual natural organic fair regional

Unbelievable, but you just have to try it out for yourself: Merino wool in particular has a very special antibacterial surface structure. This makes it difficult for bacteria to persist or multiply - perfect for the smallest babies, especially with wrap-around bodysuits and romper pants (suitable for spreader pants).

In addition, merino wool consists of 2 different cell types that constantly rub against each other and therefore it practically "cleans" itself - additionally supported with the help of the natural humidity! This means that there is no unpleasant smell and you sweat a lot less!

glückskind merino wool silk tencel natural baby boys girls girls 50-56-62-68-74-80-86-92-98-104-108-114-118-122-132-138 organic 100% local pants romper wrap body t-shirt headband hat hood loop scarf camisole


Merino wool absorbs over a third (!) of its own weight in water or moisture and transports it to the outside (particularly quick-drying).

This is precisely why it is particularly pleasant to wear clothing and all textiles with a high wool content, such as my 70% Merino wool and 30% silk fabric, especially tank tops for women or T-shirts for men.
Many “lucky children” report that “ they prefer not to take it off anymore ” or also:
I don’t want to wear anything else .”

MERINO WOOL | Premium natural fiber & 100% ORGANIC

Merino wool is a natural product obtained by shearing Merino sheep (mine from Uruguay/South America and therefore guaranteed natural and mulesing-free).

A lot of experience is necessary to achieve the super-fine quality and only the best wool fibers are used for my own fabric. Of course, the costs for this “miracle fiber” of nature are correspondingly high.

In addition, as mentioned, I only use wool from farmers with “mulesing-free” certification.

Click here for my collection.

Unparalleled fabric quality

💬 Agnes Leitner | Glückskind founder & power mom of 3 Glückschildren

"I founded Glückskind in 2015 because I simply wanted the best quality fabric for my baby's delicate skin. 100% organic, fair, regional, sustainable - without compromise and still affordable.
I wanted that for myself and I wish that for you too!
Only the best for your lucky child!"

🫶 The Glückskind quality promise

Glückskind stands for uncompromising quality. Completely skin-friendly, high UV protection, breathable, air-conditioning - indescribably comfortable.
Glückskind clothing is perfect for all year round, summer and winter. Indoors and outdoors day & night.
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