Empfehlungen für jeden Tag - Glückskind
Empfehlungen für jeden Tag - Glückskind

Recommendations for every day

  • When do I wear wool/silk clothing? Our Glückskind clothing can be worn every day (& night!) all year round - spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • What is best for my baby? Merino wool is naturally air-conditioning and temperature-balancing . Plus , it keeps you warm even when it's damp - especially when your baby is sweating . This is a main difference between merino wool and cotton: When cotton is wet it feels cold and uncomfortable - of course your baby will cry or be whiny.
  • Glückskind can be used day and night - even for many days without having to change it. This saves time, money, nerves (of the parents) and tears (of the baby) .

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