Merino hats / hoods for children and adults

Dear moms,

Yay - Perfect for every season ☀️❄️- our ingenious self-developed fabric composition provides ideal air conditioning .

In summer it cools and offers naturally high UV protection, in winter it warms comfortably at temperatures down to around zero degrees.

Merino wool is a wonderful natural material, especially for children's hats.

Our fabric is super soft, breathable and temperature-regulating. This means that your child is warm but without sweating. My merino wool-silk fabric is very easy to care for and can easily be washed in the washing machine (recommend 30 degrees and wool detergent).
That's why my customers love the Glückskind hats for children:
  • Heat regulation: Merino wool is a natural temperature regulator - keeps you warm without sweating
  • Breathability: My Merino Wool & Silk fabric is particularly breathable and regulates moisture much better than cotton or synthetic fabrics.
  • Softness: My super-soft wool-silk blend is soft and comfortable to wear - for babies from day 1
  • Ease of care: Merino wool is very easy to care for and can easily be washed in the washing machine.

A few more tips for choosing the right hat for your lucky child:

  • Size: My fabrics are naturally elastic, without any elastane - Glückskind is *always* plastic-free! Still, fit is very important and I have 5 sizes depending on head circumference from newborn baby to adult. Just look at my size chart
  • Color: All colors, prints and designs are developed by myself . I have lovely prints for babies and children (from our Alpine world - it doesn't always have to be Disney, Ninjago or PawPatrol...). For older children and men and women I have plain colors - elegant, covered or a little brighter - in any case neutral and "goes with everything".
  • Cuts: All of my cuts are tried and tested and developed hundreds of times - you're sure to find your new favorite piece for your baby, child and for yourself!
Best regards,


PS: I develop my fabrics myself completely using raw yarn. They are 100% organic and GOTS certified. Of course, my merino wool comes from happy sheep and is guaranteed mulesing-free (I never buy the wool in Australia/New Zealand).

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